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I just heard you discuss your views on student loan relief on “Citizen Stewart” podcast. Wow! Do you have any idea how elitist you sound? YOU should be the one who decides what "people society needs" versus those "who take up space." 

    As a pediatrician who works with neurodivergent, gender divergent, and physically disabled youth, your statements scream ableism. Deciding people's value based on YOUR "discernment" of the hierarchy of productivity is exactly the view in our society that devalues so many of our citizens. 

     Your statements on "Citizen Stewart" surprised me and revealed quite a dark side of who you are. I suggest you start reading the disability rights literature and look inside. 

      By the way, the student loan money has already been spent. There is no massive transfer of wealth from loan forgiveness. That money is hypothetical future money that might or might not materialize.  Transfer of wealth is when Trump gives $12 billion to farmers to make up for his dismal trade policies and buy their votes. 

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